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About Us

Greetings, fellow Preppers!

A few years ago, while evaluating commercially-available bug out bags and survival kits for our own emergency preparations, we realized that most do not contain enough water.  Not nearly enough.  So we attempted to assemble our own kits with useful amounts of water.

We started with a five-gallon bucket and a Gamma Seal lid because the bucket is sturdy and Gamma Seal lids are awesome.  Next, we tried placing fifteen 16.9 oz plastic water bottles (the kind you buy at the grocery store) into the bucket.  And guess what we discovered?

They don't fit.

Well, they do fit, but not very well.  There is a lot of wasted space between the round bottles.  It is impossible to stack round bottles in a round bucket and have much useful space between the bottles.  So much wasted space...  So sad... 

And then we had an idea!  Why not build bottles that are shaped to fit into a five-gallon bucket, but leave space in a useful shape for additional supplies?  And thus,  Best Bug Out Buckets was born!  All we needed were water bottles that would line the inner perimeter of the bucket, but leave a square space in the middle for the other stuff a bug out bag should have.  Useful stuff fits nicely in a square space, not the lame voids between round water bottles.

Since we couldn't find a bottle that met our needs elsewhere, we decided to build them ourselves.  How hard could it be?  Get someone to design a mold, find someone to manufacture the bottles, find some attorney to patent the awesome bottle design, etc.

We couldn't find anyone who would manufacture our bottles at a useful price, so we decided to do it ourselves.  And we decided to design and manufacture the molds ourselves, too.  Molding plastic bottles is a lot harder than it sounds.  But we'll skip over the boring parts and tell you (drum roll, please!)... we succeeded!  Yes, the bottles are a success!  We build them ourselves, and pass the savings on to you!

Now you, too, can live our dream!  You can be the proud owner of a five-gallon bucket that holds two gallons of water (in eight nifty plastic bottles), plus enough supplies to get you through the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse (provided that it lasts only three days).  And even better, if you buy one of our fold-down hand trucks with your survival kit, you can wheel the bucket around in style!  You can impress your friends with your sagacity!  I can hear them now:  Your survival kit holds how much water?  And you can easily wheel it around on that cool hand truck?  That is sooo much better than a backpack.  I want one of those!

We hope that you enjoy your survival kit brought to you proudly by Best Bug Out Buckets.  And if you do enjoy it, please tell your friends so that they, too, can be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse.  Unless, of course, you plan to use your friends as bait.  Either way, we thank you for your support!

-- Best Bug Out Buckets LLC